GearDemo is a directory of Instructors with expertise and knowledge about music, gear and related topics who provide one-on-one Sessions via SKYPE or similar video conference format.
Like most people today, we search Google countless times a day for answers — and YouTube is a tremendous source of information and product demonstrations. GearDemo is an additional resource that has the added bonus of connecting you directly with an Instructor to talk about your specific issue. This one-on-one instruction is a great way to learn.

All session pricing is set by the individual Instructors. There will be a wide range of pricing options available.

Right now, it’s free! For our first 30 Session Instructors to sign up, there are no fees to post up to 5 Sessions. These first 30 “Charter Instructors” will enjoy a free-for-life status for up to 5 Sessions. In the future when our directory grows, new Instructors will be charged a monthly fee to post their Sessions. Because all payment arrangements for Sessions are between Instructors and Students, GearDemo does not take any fees or commissions on Sessions sold.

It’s very easy!  The registration process for both a Session Instructor or Student begins the same way. Simply click on the registration link on the home page. For Students, you will need to complete the profile information to get started. For Session Instructors, you will complete the profile information, and begin to build a profile that a potential Student could access to learn more about you.

Any visitor to GearDemo can search the site and explore the Instructors, their expertise and all of the Sessions. Visitors will need to register in order to contact an Instructor and sign up for a Session. GearDemo registration is free!

Simply fill out the support form and our customer service representative will get back to you shortly.

For Students

Our Instructors are individuals who feel they have relevant expertise with a musical instrument(s) or gear that they want to share with others. Session Instructors should provide sufficient background and profile information so that a Student can make an informed choice.

Each Instructor specifies within the Session description the preferred payment method, such as Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay or CashApp.

The first step is to contact the Instructor using the contact form on the Session page. You will coordinate with the Instructor to make your Session arrangements including when the Session will occur, how much it will cost, the agreed-to payment method, and the video platform which will be used. After the connection and arrangements are made — you are all set to learn and grow from someone else’s knowledge and expertise!

Each Session Instructor determines the video platform(s) they will use and will specify their preference in the Session descriptions. SKYPE has certainly been a leader in video lessons and conferencing for years. But, we are now seeing numerous other platforms become widely used, like Zoom, Facebook video, Go-To Meeting and many more.

All Session arrangements are handled between the Instructor and the Student. Please contact your Instructor.

Absolutely!  If you are unable to find a Session that you would like to see please let us know right here: <Link TBD>. We will take your suggestions and requests and do our best to accommodate them.

Yes! And, we love reviews! All Session description pages allow for post-session reviews. We encourage you to provide your feedback to benefit others who may be considering that Session or Instructor.

All payment arrangements are made between the Instructor and the Student. Please contact your Instructor.

For Instructors

It’s very easy!  We encourage anyone with the musical expertise to sign up.  Simply click on the registration link on the home page. Complete the profile information to begin building a profile. This is your opportunity to let Students learn more about you and why they should sign up for one of your Sessions.

Once you have registered, there are two ways to create a Session. One is by clicking the red button at the top of the home page called “Create a Session.” The other way is to go into your profile and click “Create a GearDemo Session” in the left hand toolbar.

Manage My Account

You can find your sessions under the “My Sessions” tab in your profile or drop down menu.