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We’re creating a directory of instrument and gear instructors that all provide lessons via Video Conference!

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Home Studio Basics

For those wanting to learn how to record and produce professional quality music and media from home, this session will help you to achieve your musical and artistic visions!

Reaper | The amazing open-source Digital Audio Workstation

Reaper is one of the best options for the modern working musician and producer. This session will go from setup to final master audio within this very flexible open-source DAW environment.

VST Plugins | Virtual Effects & Instruments

Software plugins have revolutionized the way that we create and process music and audio content. This session will teach you the basics of this amazing technology.

Drum & Beat Programming

My first love in music production was drum programming. I always enjoy sharing this fun and relatively simple aspect of music and live productions.

Ableton Live and Ableton Push Lessons

I teach Ableton and Ableton live performance over zoom!

Building A DJ Set – How To Record And Promote Your First Mix

Learn The Of The Art Of DJ-ing, Secret Transition's, How To Record And Promote Your First Mix And More. 25+ Pupil's!

Fractal AX8/AxeFX II Lessons

A Fractal Crash Course on how to get the most out of your processor!

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  • Get on the fast track with Logic ProX or Ableton 10!
  • Need some help with that BOSS RC505 Looper?
  • Take your instrument chops up a couple levels!

Chances are good that our GearDemo directory has the right instructor and session for you! Our fast growing directory of registered pros want to connect with you and provide the expertise you need to learn and grow forward – FAST! Search for a session that’s right for you and get started today!

Ways to connect

At GearDemo we believe that face-to-face video calls are the absolute best way to find the teacher, the session, the lessons, the expertise – the solutions you need to learn and grow. You will find our pros utilize many of the video conferencing platforms that you already know – and maybe some new ones you’ll get to know!


I wish I had a nickel for every hour I have spent searching the boards and YouTube for answers to my gear questions! There is a lot of good info out there for certain – but sometime you just have to talk to somebody!

At we want to provide a new and alternative solution for those who want to learn directly from the pros who have answers and solutions to their questions! We’re asking those with gear expertise, worldwide, who want to consult on their areas of expertise to register with GearDemo, and offer their expertise to those seeking assistance.

Russell Anderson
Founder of GearDemo